BUFC F’s vs Mountains

With Duffy’s Oval closed, it was back to Wyoming where a warm day and a wet pitch awaited. Barnstoneworth started minus their captain, who was stuck in traffic, and after a frenetic first ten minutes, Mountains landed the first goal.

Barnstoneworth came back hard with some spirited runs down the left wing putting pressure on the opposition goalie. Eventually this bore fruit, with Trevor Husk scoring a birthday goal twenty minutes in.

Mountains were an experienced team, both with the ball and the referee, and their constant chatter led to several what might be called contentious decisions. In response, Barnstoneworth muscled up and the game became pretty physical, with Justin O’Malley Jones putting in some heavy tackles on the left wing and getting shoulder-charged for his trouble.

Once again Jason and Ryan Bush were powerhouses in defence, while Simon Ashley-Binge was a stalwart in goal. Ben Johnson put in some hefty kicks in the centre before being injured and taking over the goalie position, where, unable to kick, we discovered that he can throw the ball half the length of the field.

Half-time saw it locked up at one-all, but in the second half, three of our star players, including Adam Chandler who’d been running rings around them with the ball, had to leave. Brett Fenton, Jason Scott and Tek Tea, all had strong games, tackling well, and we saw some superb passing runs in the second half from the wingers. Overall though, our positional play let us down, with too many passes going to the opposition, and centre defence a soft spot once again.

Despite some gallant goal-keeping from Ben, out almost to halfway in some cases, Mountains ran in two goals and were only kept from a third in the final minute by a solid wall defence against a penalty.

Final result: 3-1 to Mountains.

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