Clear blue skies and an Indian Summer temperature of 23 degrees greeted F-Grade at Frost Reserve in Kincumber, where the team was set to enjoy an unprecedented four reserves. Thirsting for redemption after last week’s five-nil loss, Barnstoneworth took to Avoca with gusto and the passing game we’d been practising all year finally came together. Read more

The coldest match day of the year so far saw Terrigal run out onto Duffy’s after the game was re-scheduled from Gosford’s home ground and moved to 3pm. The prospect of beer immediately after the game followed by a segué into more beer at Breakers without having to travel provided a strong incentive. With an unaccustomed three reserves, Terrigal were pumped, not least because of the triumphant return of Ben ‘WhatsApp’ Johnson, whose warm-up consisted of wrapping about five metres of bandage around his left thigh. Read more

After driving for what seemed like hours to the remote rural region of Mangrove Mountain, avoiding trolls under bridges and bands of roving peasants brandishing pitchforks, F-Grade prepared to take on the leaders of the table on a beautiful, soft green pitch. Read more

What a difference a day makes. After going down 4-1 to East Gosford 1 on Saturday 4 July at Duffy’s, Barnestoneworth Fs backed up on Sunday at 2pm to play the same team on their home turf. On Saturday we had a referee and two linesmen; on Sunday, unable to provide a referee for the game, East Gosford were forced to rely on the kind donation of the time of a young local soccer player. She proved to be a first-class and even-handed ref. Read more

On first glance, this game was only remarkable in that it was the first that Barnstoneworth Fs had played on their home ground at Duffy’s Oval. Perfect sunny conditions and a companionable chat with the opposition before the game belied what was to come. Read more

It’s often said that football is a game of two halves, and that was amply demonstrated in F-grade this week against East Gosford 2.

Having not played for three weeks due to the combination of a bye and two rained-out games, Barnestoneworth Fs were not only a little rusty, but missing two wingers and several other players. The usual game plan of 4-3-3 was therefore changed to 4-4-2 and a few players had to play in positions new to them. Read more

It was a fine day to take on the arch-enemy of Woy Woy in a friendly game of soccer.

Barnstoneworth turned up with two reserves, and on a slow and uneven pitch continued their form of recent games by letting in a goal from a corner kick in the first five minutes. Read more

Having been wound up by Trevor Husk all week on Whatsapp about the hated Avoca, the Fs took the field with three reserves on a sublime piece of turf at Jubilee Oval. Feeling confident after a tough mid-week training session, the team’s ambivalence was shattered in the fifteenth minute when Avoca landed the first goal. Read more

Despite the recent downpour, Saturday found F-grade running on to a completely dry pitch at Umina. With just one substitute player, the team was preparing for a hard slog against a team that was near the top of the table. Read more