• Club Overview

        Barnstoneworth United FC Central Coast is based on a philosophy of providing a safe, supportive environment for men and women aged 18 to 70 to play competitive football and socialise with each other. BUFC Central Coast in 2020 fielded 10 proud teams and in 2021 we are expanding again.  We know that playing sport and being part of a team can be a great outlet for people to escape their busy or stressful lives and can help with their mental health and overall well-being. Our aim is to be a club where all members feel supported and welcome, a club that all players are proud to be a part of and who are always respected by our opponents.

      • Sponsors

        For sponsorship opportunities, please email president@barnstoneworthcc.com

        Erin Panel WorksBay Rd Brewing LogoCentral Telecoms
        The Football GroundsSoltura Specialty CoffeeKuoch Chemist - Terrigal
        Paul Hills - The AgencyGibberNoble Homes
        Sal & Co Cafe WamberalCentral Coast EnergySpecsavers Gosford
        Kings LogoAromas Logo
      • Who is Barnstoneworth

        Q. Is Barnstoneworth just for over 35s and 45s?
        A. No! That is how we started but last year our youngest player was 18, (our oldest was 68). We have both Women’s and Mens all age teams.
        Q. Where is Barnstoneworth?
        A.It doesn’t exist. It’s a fictional village in Yorkshire,England.
        Q. That makes no sense!
        A. We know.
        Q. Who is the man on the Barnstoneworth badge?
        A. Gordon Ottershaw, he lives in Barnstoneworth. He is Barnstoneworth United’s biggest fan.
        Q. You just said Barnstoneworth doesn’t exist?
        A. It doesn’t, Gordon is a fictional character.
        Q. Where does all this nonsense come from?
        A. The TV comedy, Ripping Yarns. Episode 8 was called ‘Golden Gordon’ and told the story of the final days of Barnstoneworth United and their superfan, Gordon who carried on supporting them despite the fact they hadn’t won for 6 years. The episode begins with another defeat, this time to Brighouse who beat them 8 Bloody 1.
        Q. I think I should probably watch it – is it any good?
        A. Yeah you should, its pretty funny!
        Q. Is it on Netflix?
        A. I doubt it but you can find the full half hour episode on YouTube CLICK HEREBarnstoneworth on Twitter
        Q. Why are Barnstoneworth on the Central Coast?
        A. Why not? In honour of the program there are now Barnies teams around the world, including teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Orange and New York!
        Q. Is Barnstoneworth part of Terrigal United?
        A. No. (Up until 2018 Barnstoneworth formed the O35 & O45 section of TUFC but we left to form our own club in Season 2019)
        Q. Is Barnstoneworth part of Kincumber?
        A. No (and we never have been)
        Q. Why do Barnstoneworth play at Frost?
        A. We needed a home ground and came to a mutually beneficial arrangement with Kincumber Roos FC to use Frost.
        Q. Does Barnstoneworth have plans to run any junior teams?
        A. No! We’re too busy playing football and drinking beer!