BUFC F’s vs Avoca

Having been wound up by Trevor Husk all week on Whatsapp about the hated Avoca, the Fs took the field with three reserves on a sublime piece of turf at Jubilee Oval. Feeling confident after a tough mid-week training session, the team’s ambivalence was shattered in the fifteenth minute when Avoca landed the first goal.

Terrigal roused themselves quickly though, and some long returns from Adam Chandler and Ryan Bush at the back put Brett Fenton and Justin O’Malley on the wings into position for some superb crosses. In the midfield, Chris Peers fought like a terrier for the ball and the forwards had plenty of opportunities at goal. It had to happen eventually, and after some fancy footwork, Tek ‘Fireboots’ Tea levelled the scores.

Minutes before half-time, Terrigal’s fitness started to show through. Many of Avoca’s passes were intercepted and booted long where Ben Johnson, Brendan McCarthy and Dave Prakesh threatened the goal multiple times, with Dave finally scoring just before the whistle.

Despite some bold attacks by Avoca, most of the second half was played down their end, Jason Scott pulling off some great footwork to place Ben Johnson right in front for a goal. Two up, Terrigal kept the pressure on, turning Avoca’s raids around and finally making some passes stick. One of these gave Justin O’Malley Jones the opportunity to cut in from the wing and score a fourth goal.

Down by three, Avoca came back hard in the last ten minutes, with some elegant passing play. Simon Ashley-Binge swapped out of goal with Ben Johnson and made a solid contribution to the Terrigal defence, preventing Avoca from scoring again.

All-in-all it was a reasonably consistent performance with only few unnecessary penalties and one yellow card conceded.

Final result: 4-1 to Terrigal.

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