BUFC Fs vs Gosford

Once again off to Wyoming, where the sky was threatening, the pitch slow and the moat full. Fortunately, we all made the game on time. Unfortunately supercoach Dave ‘Paymemorekash’ Prakash thought it was Wednesday and warmed us up rather efficiently.

Again we started well but this week with some crisp passing. We looked like doing some early damage. Robocop Anthony was doing a good job down the right, Steve doing what everyone now expects him to do on the left, all of us playing positionally well and the back not having a lot to do. The whole first half saw the goal peppered and Dave found the back of the net, although the ref had blown the whistle. Between us we also found the trees, some resident wildlife and one of the boys stash from his old Wyoming days. Special mention to Ben ‘BJ’ Johnson who played an exceptionally strong 5 minutes before the call of the warm shower (and an injury) got him.

Unfortunately Gosford found their Mojo and bang, bang, bang, no, not shots fired but 3 quick goals and a great half turned a little sour. Thankfully, the whistle went and we went off for some wise words from Supercoach Dave and our resident soccer player Adam. These words included enjoying it, getting to the ball first and some best left unsaid.

The second half came and that’s what we did. A little bit more commitment and we were playing in the opposite half. Tek repeatedly brought the ball from defence into attack, Foxtel aka Chris got busier than, well pre Netflix, Ryan pushed up, Steve borrowed Messi’s left foot, Brett ‘Thaiday’ Fenton’s conditioning started to come (but may have a way to go), the backs did a good job of playing Simon says, our talk improved and a freshly showered BJ yelled some gems from the side. Before we knew it Adam Chandler, who was playing his best role since Happy Gilmore, scored a brace, one a cracker. We had plenty of other chances and half chances.

Gosford, who played well and fairly, managed to get one back but the consensus was we were well on top and coming home strong. If only it went a bit longer (doubt you’ll hear that again). The final result 4-2 but some promising signs, a happy half and a momentarily full esky saw us increasingly satisfied.

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