Gosford vs BUFC B South Match Report


The Barnstoneworth 35 BS team made their way west to the delights of Gavenlock Oval, for a clash against a Gosford team that were relegated from A grade last year.

It was always going to be a big ask for us, as we could only field 9 from the regular squad. Apparently 37 registered players is still too few for the over 35 comp. We managed to poach Adam Chandler from the D’s who helped us out superbly in the backs.

Two 13 year old refs walked out to the middle and laid down the law. The game got underway and straight away we knew we had the skills and mental edge. Gosford had only 1 win to date and the stats showed they struggle to score. Within the first 20 minutes we managed to find the back of the net thanks to a great strike from Jimmy O that flew in even after a deflection. 1-0 up at half time and we knew we needed another early in the second half to secure the 3 points. Ant’s half time talk warned us of what might be if we remained complacent. All its take is one unlucky play and we’ll lose this lead.

We went into the second half full of fight but struggled to find the right combination to grab the goal. We came close no fewer than 5 times, highlighted by a header into the box that found Sheekeys receding forehead. Unfortunately he directed it straight at their keeper. Deep in the 2nd half we asked the ref how long to go and were told 4 minutes.

We managed to keep the ball down the far end for most of it, before a lucky (yes here it comes) series of crosses and Hail Mary’s ended up with their main foreword running down the right edge, with Ant matching him toe to toe. After knocking it forward too much the ball was destined for the goal line but a sliding right foot cross directed it sharply and horizontally into the goal box. Our docile centre-back (yours truly) lifted his arms to avoid a hand ball in the box and it worked! Unfortunately the ball dropped dead into the path of their other forward who just graduated from Steven Bradbury’s school of right-place-right-time. He slotted it in the bottom right corner of the goals to even the score. The ref finally looked at his Ben 10 watch and went “oh shit is that the time” before blowing time off.

All in all we completely outclassed them and on our day should have put away 3-4 goals. We got away with a draw which felt like a loss. A valiant effort from the crew who went mostly without subs on a hot day (deadset why do we need sunscreen in May?!). A full contingent next week against Ourimbah away will see us back in form no doubt.

Goal Scorer Jimmy O
Points: Rod 3 / Ant 2 / Stu 1

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