BUFC B South vs Umina Match Report


A round five rematch against our grand final opponents from last year with the net result being another loss in a game that we should’ve won without issue.

While our football was largely panicked and quite ordinary, this was one game when the football played is of little importance in the context of other events.

We would like to sincerely thank Pierre, Tim, and all the C grade guys for allowing Beni to fill our need for a substitute keeper. Unfortunately about 10 minutes into the game Beni bravely left his area for a contest with a Umina attacker that resulted in a sickening head clash – the worst I have seen (and heard!!) in any level of sport. Both players were left bleeding profusely with awful head injuries that required immediate, professional medical attention.

The match resumed around 10 minutes later with the scores at 0-0. Garry jumped into the unfamiliar role of keeping (by virtue of the fact he was holding a different coloured shirt at the time) and did a great job. If we didn’t feel rattled, we sure played like we were, and by halftime we had conceded 2 quite lucky but nonetheless soft goals – neither of which were the fault of our stand in keeper.

The second half was more positive but while we dominated field position for most of the half we weren’t able to find a goal until Raoul grabbed his second for the season finishing from a lovely Stu McSwan cross late in the piece. Full time came shortly afterwards with us again on the attack but not managing to jag the late equalizer.

On the positive side it was fantastic to have Jon Pallot return to the field after a broken foot in preseason, and it’s great to report that Beni is now on the mend with 16 stitches in a wound that looks like he ran head first into a star picket – Our thoughts continue to be with you and your family mate, as they are with our Umina opponent.

Next up: Avoca at “Fortress Duffys”. The sooner the better…

Players player: Ant Barlow (2nd: Lee Akers, 3rd Jimmy O)
Goals: Raoul


Final Score: Barnstoneworth 1 – 2 Umina

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