Toukley vs BUFC 45 A Match Report

Well once again, the 45A’s were on their travels, this time away to Toukley. We will need our satnavs to find Duffys oval, if we are ever lucky enough to play there!

The game didn’t start well, kick off time 15.00, but a no show from the referee or linesman, Toukley officials trying desperately to find a replacement, eventually a Toukley official from the canteen took charge of the the game with kick off delayed until 15.30.

The Omens were there from the start, with Toukley players kicking bits of the Barnstoneworth players and the referee flatly refusing to award us a free kick. The boys were obviously rattled by the physicality of the game with absolutely no protection from the referee.

Eventually the pressure told and Toukley took the lead after 15 mins. 7 mins later in what appeared to be a perfectly timed tackle by Jim, he allowed to carry on with the ball going behind for what everyone assumed was a goal kick. But for whatever reason (only known to him) the ref gave a penalty. Despite an excellent attempt from Kharl Sadiq to keep the ball out, it crept into the bottom right hand corner.

Barnstoneworth began to get a grip of the midfield after changing formation to an old fashioned 442. Daniel Waddington beat the defender to the edge of the box when the centre half came across with a studs up two footed tackle, which at least should have earned us a penalty! Most refs would have sent the Toukley player off, but again we got awarded nothing.

Toukley again broke away and with a clear offside but with no linesmen the goal was given, giving Toukley a 0-3 halftime lead.

I do have to admit, I did lose it at the stand in referee and ask him to explain, his reply was “do you want to play or what?”.

The boys got their heads together in the break, a few harsh but honest words were exchanged!

This did the trick with Barnstonworth dominating the second half; creating chance after chance but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Toukley were no threat to us at all this half and we kept them pinned in their own half, limiting them to just two breakaway chances all half.

Daniel Waddington nodded a superb goal into the back of the net after 67 mins, but the boys just left it a bit too late.

So the game ended 1-3 to Toukley and we were left to rue the missed chances and appalling refereeing decisions.

What we can take from this game is that with a fair ref and the game played in equal terms, we were the better team. Bring on the return fixture!

Final Score: Toukley 3 – 1 Barnstoneworth

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