Gosford vs BUFC C Match Report

We took to the field full of optimism after Tim ‘Gettysburg Address’ Watt’s six-volume email on where we went wrong and where we need to improve. Pass and move was the message, and for the most part we did just that.

Pass and move boys

The tone of the match was set early on by the ref after a foul was given against us for contact lighter than an angel’s kiss. It rapidly became clear that the following ‘infringements’ were going to attract the ref’s displeasure :

a) being too close to an opposing player
b) speaking above a whisper
c) breathing too loudly

It makes you wonder what he would have given for a proper Doc Marten’s league two-foot studs up wipeout – presumably a straight red followed by arrest and deportation to Manus Island. Nevertheless we made a strong start with good early pressure and were rewarded after James (yes that’s me) slotted home after their keeper, under pressure from Payney, failed to deal with a cross. Early celebrations ensued but unfortunately it wasn’t long before Gosford equalised with probably their only meaningful attack of the first half. Shortly after this Leigh caught the ref’s attention for one or more of the trivial offences listed above and found himself in the book. We shrugged it off however and kept pressing, and in the midst of an attack a loose ball fell to Paul… somewhere close to the halfway line (or possibly even further back). Time seemed to stand still for a moment as he squared up, and then unleashed a forty yard Geoff Hurst screamer that came off the underside of the bar and bounced down over the line. Gosford’s futile protests were waved away, and we went into half-time 2-1 up.

Gosford came out somewhat re-energised in the second half, and made us work hard. Mindful of our glorious leader’s words, we tried to play our own game but did struggle at times. Somewhere early in the half Gosford broke through our defensive confusion only to be awarded a penalty against Della for poorly defined reasons. Indeed the decision on this was so late it was only confirmed at 10:30 this morning. The ref pointed to the spot / small crater somewhere in the mud. Pierre swelled up like a puffer fish and made himself big in the goalmouth, and must have done enough because the best their striker could do was hit the post – did somebody shout ‘JUSTICE IS DONE, BITCH !!’ ? Unfortunately though, Gosford did get an equaliser not long afterwards, and despite our late rally the game ended 2-2. Overall we had a better first half and although a draw is probably fair on another day we might have won it. So far this season we have scored 9 goals, with 8 different goalscorers – there’s a sign of a team working together well (I’m looking at you Leicester City). This was also reflected in the relatively even spread of the post match scoring, with Della emerging as man of the match for this strong work across the back.

After the game we came together and raised a toast to Jase’s dad Chris, who sadly passed away earlier this week. The team’s thoughts are with you mate, and we look forward to having you back.

Next up Avoca. Let’s bring our A-game.
[insert random motivational comment here]


Final Score: Gosford 2 – 2 Barnstoneworth C

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