Mountains vs Barnstoneworth O45DC – Round 3 Match Report

With the rain falling the chance of a game looked slight for 45D (Central), but come the morning we realised the game was on, and we decided to bolster our 13 stout fellows with Tim Watt (also stout).

The game kicked off on Frost 2 after some confusion about who the home team was (the Mountains), and the game ebbed and flowed before a breakaway down our left and a fantastic shot secured Mountains the first goal. It felt slightly against the run of play and we raised ourselves for 20 mins of fine passing football.

The large crowd laughed with derision at Tim’s comedy back-heel and chances came and went but eventually Tim managed to finish one (much deserved) after Brad enticed the goalie out and then popped it across to him… Mountains were soon back down our end and a slightly wild swing of the boot was accepted as sufficient evidence for a penalty, which was professionally despatched in the top corner.

We fought hard for the rest of the game creating many chances and should have had a penalty for handball, but we couldn’t pull ourselves back into the game, with Mountains mobile forwards looking to counter attack and our own defenders scrambling mostly to good effect. One of those attacks gave us the moment of the match as goalie Ben came out to thwart two advancing attackers on the edge of the area He made more blocks as he attempted to run backwards toward his goal with more shots coming in: eventually shepherding the ball over the dead ball line and falling on it, under a challenge, to secure the goal kick.

Everyone was hurting as the heavy uneven pitch took it toll, and eventually the ref decided enough was enough. 2-1 mountains. Tim Watt our scorer.

Our new team passed well, with several stand-out performances and we will get better with familiarity. Match fitness may take longer. No injuries.

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