Kincumber vs Barnstoneworth 45 B – Match Report

Well, again, match day for me started on Wednesday desperately trying to get 11 fit players on the pitch Saturday to face Kincumber. Looking at the weather forecast, I went to bed Friday praying that the rain continued and our game would be called off. What a terrible situation to be in!

Saturday arrived checked the CCF website… “Oh no Frost Oval is open”, but luckily for us the 45C’s game was cancelled, so we could call on some of their players for support.

Kick-off time arrived and I look across at the Kincumber bench in envy as they have 5 subs. Oh, if only.

The game started and true to form Kincumber were appealing for everything, whinging at the slightest challenge, putting pressure an a very young referee, Yatsy and Phil once again began to take control of the midfield, and we began to gain the ascendancy, and with 5 minutes we had won our first corner, Phil Lisle put a pin point cross over to be met by Andy Yates head and put a bullet like header into the back of the net, turning. We were the team playing the football and Kincumber resorted to the long ball game, and with a lapse in concentration in our defence, the ball came over the top with their striker running on to it and looping a shot over our keeper making it 1-1 at half time.

Changes had to be made at half time as Geordie Leslie had to depart to coach his own team the 35A’s and Shaun Roper slotting into central defence, a few other changes had to happen putting Mickey Hamill onto the right wing and Mark Leadbeater at right back, Mickey revelled in his no role which paid off with Mick scoring a cracking goal, giving us a 2-1 lead, Kincumber started to push forward to try to get the equalizer, a cross into the middle took a deflection and it hit Jim on the hand and the ref gave a penalty against us, Kharl tried his best and got his finger tips to the ball but couldn’t prevent it from crossing the line 2-2.

It looked like it was going to end this way until yet again Andy Yates turned back the years going on a mazy run riding tackles and placing the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal.

3-2 to Barnstoneworth.

Man of the match Andy Yates

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