Match Report – Over 45C1 vs Avoca

Over 45 C1 2020

The world may be in chaos, but the beautiful game marches on.

The crack fighting unit of the Barnstoneworth Over 45C1 team trooped out onto the sunlit field of dreams that is Eastern Road Oval 1, led by one James ‘Jim’ McClaren in pursuit of glory yet again, though this time with added Pyom and Westy. The pre-season may have been socially distanced, but the formation and subs plan were clear, the hands duly sanitised, and the fighting spirit undiminished.

Things got off to a spirited start, with action at both ends of the park. Avoca very rapidly showed us they were dangerous in midfield, their team apparently including an ex-professional from the English league (which hardly seems fair!). Thankfully we rose to the challenge and managed to give almost as good as we got, with both Ivan and Dave nearly getting on the end of something, as one might say. There was a lot of space in midfield and down the flanks, and there were chances at both ends, with Avoca arguably having the better of them in the first half, but strong work by Khal, and some welcome intervention by the crossbar, kept us in the game.

Unfortunately, someone had very helpfully overlaid markings for several other pitches on top of the one we were playing on, with the result that Westy, after a particularly energetic run down the right, suddenly found himself so far over the line he needed a visa to return to the field.

The tense balance of the game nearly swung away from us in the second half after an Avoca striker ran on to a through ball, and despite being offside by approximately half the distance from the Earth to the moon was only stopped by a very late whistle. Yes, I know we didn’t have such creatures as linesmen in attendance, but that’s the sort of decision that can unfairly change a game… as Ray pointed out on our behalf to the referee rather forcefully, earning himself a yellow card in the process.

Thankfully the game was eventually decided by a wonderful piece of proper football. Pyom broke away down the right and was able to float a beautiful cross to the edge of the box, where awaited none other than Pat, surrounded by a trio of the Avoca defence, all of whom were taller and had more hair. Despite this he rose like a highly polished salmon and connected strongly, sending the ball past the despairing goalkeeper and into the net. Rapturous applause ensued, and happily we were able to hang on for the remaining couple of minutes and go home with all three shiny points.

A cracking start to the season and overall just about a deserved win. Man of the match went to Adam for a strong defensive showing, followed in the points by Westy and Andy. Great to be back on the field chaps, onwards and upwards!


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