Kincumber vs Barnstoneworth O45DS – Round 5 Match Report

Barnstoneworth O45DS 2022

An evenly contested game against Kincumber revealed a better first half by them but the second half was ours. Our passing in the first half saw us lose possession on many occasions and our attack was limited due to poor finishing and any good opportunities up front not capitalised on.

2 Hamstring and one knee injury also didn’t help as these players eventually could not continue the match.
Half time was 0-0.


Barnstoneworth O45DS 2022

How hard is it to get a group photo?


Kincumber drew first blood at the beginning of the second half but then in came our reinforcements with our illustrious president, Tim undertaking threatening raids up the right side and Graham Johnstone delightfully scoring off a set piece just outside the box.

We thought the 2 points were about to come our way when we received a penalty but despite a great strike by Ed, the keeper pulled out a fantastic save.

So final score was 1-1 but I think we were relieved to come away with a point.

Goal: Graeme Johnston

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