Barnstoneworth O35DS vs Woy Woy O35 1 – Round 5 Match Report

The late game time of 3.05pm, 9 players in the warm up, a last minute keeper change (thank you  to our volunteer – name disclosed for privacy reasons) and our late arrivals running on the field just in time for kickoff saw us start with great enthusiasm and excitement. From the whistle our momentum took us forward with surprisingly accurate distribution from fullbacks to midfield to wingers and back into our forwards. Our spectators, if there were some, would have been blessed to witness such beautiful football for the first 30 minutes but would also have been scratching their heads why no body was shooting anywhere near the target or simply shooting at all. Then just like someone tripped over the power cord the spark changed and at the same time Woy Woy seemed to sub their entire midfield and decided to attack us in numbers.

We scrambled, we tackled, we chased and we thought we had done well to keep them out until Marc, while under pressure 20 metres out from the 18, got a foot in front of the attacker to send the ball along the ground back to the Gaffer who was calmly guarding the goal line (like a real goal keeper) but with little more to be said we still don’t know how the gap between the grass and the studs was big enough for the ball to slowly roll under and into the net. Despite the shock we stayed calm, however Woy Woy continued attacks from both sides, and minutes later the gaffer redeemed himself with a spectacular flick over the bar from a powerful close range shot.

Let’s get to half time and regroup, was the whisper, with a minute to go, but our best laid plans spoilt by Woy Woy’s late shot from edge of the box into the top of the net.

Our second half was total domination and any counter attack quickly snuffed out. Finally our reward for effort about 20min to go, a great team passing move all the way across the park to get Chris in a great position to run an angle at the last defender and calmly slot a sweet finish across the keeper in the bottom corner. GAME ON!! Bog was right at half time, “Don’t worry boys 2nil is a dangerous score”. These wise words lifted everyones efforts and we went to another level. We must have had at least 10 good chances and 20 never going to scores. But to Woy Woy’s credit they camped in their 18 and had about 50 touch finders over the sideline to stop our momentum.

In the end the time clock beat us but with a fully stocked esky time can always be forgotten.

A big thanks to Chris and Bog for backing up.

Goal – Chris Cummings
MOM – a young Ray Payne

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