Killarney vs BUFC 45 A Match Report

Yet again Barnstoneworth 45A’s were on their travels. This time to Jubilee Oval in Long Jetty to play against Killarney Vale, so when we eventually get a game at Duffy’s we will have to ask for directions as it’s been so long since we played there.

On to the football. Both teams started well and both played attractive attacking football. Barnstoneworth midfield of Duncan Stone, Phil, Paul Nesbitt and Frank Swallow began to take control of the game by presenting the forwards with some excellent scoring opportunities which we failed to capitalise on.  The referee began to interfere with the game by making what can only be described as dodgy decisions for both sides. That should have been a clue as what was to follow.

Killarney Vale made a break down the left side, Paul Nesbitt made the challenge outside the area but for some reason, only be known to the ref, he gave the penalty and the first half ended 1-0 to Killarney Vale.

The second half began after a half team talk, and Barnstoneworth felt as a whole that we were still in the game, and still the team playing football, then yet again the referee intervened. Duncan Stone made a superb tackle in midfield and clearly got the ball cleanly, with no disagreement from the Killarney Vale team but again the ref chose to give a free kick. Why, we do not know. Duncan questioned the decision which he has every right to do and the ref produced a straight red card for descent. Dominic Parkinson then asked the question as to why and was issued a yellow. The consequences of this opened up the game to Killarney Vale and again the ref intervened by allowing two clear offside goals while refusing to accept his linesman flag. The extra man told in the end and Killarney finished the game winning 5 – 0

Conclusion, this was a good game of football competed by two evenly matched teams, ruined by the referee.

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