Barnstoneworth O35CS vs Umina – Round 5 Match Report

Round 5 on paper but finally the first game of our season. We started nervously, giving the ball away too easily in the first 20 mins. Luckily Jake in goals, and Leigh and Graeme at the back kept us at 0-0.  However a quick break led to a Umina goal. 0-1.

Quirky was repositioned into his usual DM role and our whole game changed. Tim and Jon were able to push on down the wings, and Bog and Huw had freedom to roam. A cross from Tim led to a goal line scramble with Jon eventually getting the ball across the line for 1-1. More opportunities came down the right with Rob busting a gut as a flying wing back. Tim hit the bar with a cross/shot, and Jon managed to hit the post after latching onto a low cross.

After all this attack, it was Umina who got the next goal with some controversy. A clear hand ball gave their striker an advantageous bounce and they made it 1-2. No one from Barnies complained about the ref’s call… and I’m pretty sure no yellow cards were given for dissent…

We were still controlling the game but some more controversial calls were made by the ref. Steve copped an elbow to the face in their box but a free kick was given to Umina. Steve then received 2 yellows from his “calm” protest, bit harsh considering the blood that was pouring from Steve’s lip!

As we pushed for the equaliser, Umina countered and scored. End result 1-3 (4-0 in yellow cards)

Big shout out to Cronky and Rob who pushed themselves up and down the field when everyone else was tiring at the end. And Mark, Jake, Graeme and Leigh at the back who didn’t deserve the score line. Lessons learnt: Whilst we’ve had the luxury of preseason training at Soccer 5s, it’s clear we need more time on the slow, boggy surface of Frost!

Goal: Jon Hill
Players player(s): Rob and Quirky

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