Match report for Southern Ettalong vs Barnstoneworth D South

After a pre-season that included four weeks of continuous rain, Barnstoneworth had some fitness work under their belts, but not much in the way of skills training, and no trial game, so it was something of a motley crew that turned up for the first game of the season.

The game started late in an infernal temperature, with the referee giving us a ten-minute lecture on rule changes, the most significant of which appeared to be that your underwear and tape had to match your jersey colours. With FIFA under siege from accusations of corruption, this seemed to be slightly irrelevant, but nevertheless, consider yourself warned Rahn: no more paisley undies.

Missing their three key strike players, and fielding four new players, Barnstoneworth had no particular expectations of an overwhelming victory over South Ettalong. This turned out to be a prescient viewpoint, as the first half points went exclusively to the opposition.

They played a fluid game with good use of space and passes that stuck, resulting in a goal from directly in front in the first five minutes. This was followed by a lovely header from a corner that no-one could have stopped. In goal, Simon-Ashley-Binge had a strong game, challenging for the ball and saving numerous goals.

Barnstoneworth didn’t help their cause by substituting so rapidly that few players got used to their position, and the defence was hard-pressed for most of the half, with only a few breaks upfront. On the right, veteran Justin O’Malley-Jones, putting in a cameo appearance, persuaded the ref to interpret a slight shove as a shoulder charge and managed to give away a free kick, resulting in another goal. A second header just before half-time left a rather dispirited Barnstoneworth team heading to the sideline.

The second half was a different story. The defence stiffened with some rough and tumble on the fringes from Will Belford and Trevor Husk, while Adam Chandler was rock solid at sweeper, cutting down any number of assaults down the right flank. In the centre, Chris Peers and Jason Bush were as determined as ever, while Ramin had a good crack in his first game, despite not really knowing where he was supposed to be. Up the front Troy Pegler had a strong game, getting the only goal of the day from a free kick.

With the score at 4-1, Nigel Weisbaum intercepted a ball on the right and, for reasons known only to himself, executed a beautiful but invidious cross to the centre, right to the feet of the South Ettalong striker, who said “Thank you” and belted it straight into the goal.

Meanwhile on the sideline, Ben Johnson was enjoying a solid afternoon of sledging while consuming Immortal birthday beers and, to be honest, probably had the best position on the field. Splitter.

Overall a good game with a disappointing result. There’s a fair bit of rust to be hewn away between now and next week against Gosford, but the rain may make that a challenge.

Final result: South Ettalong 5 – 1 BUFC D South

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