Killarney vs BUFC D North Match Report

A Hard, Ruthless, tough Fighting Unit


So we got off to a losing start.

Not a great deficit to begin the season with. Lucky it’s round 1.

What I saw today was an excellent first 10 mins.

Great passing, heard plenty of voices out there and a couple missed opportunities that could have given us the lead but that’s where it lost it’s gloss.

Unlucky to get an early goal against us, we continued to press and pressure then a second goal really made us drop our heads. Game plan was slightly forgotten. Wide mids dropped infield a lot more. Passing and talking stopped when the regular voices subbed off.

It’s not all bad, go back to the drawing board and restart. We just need to remain positive. At the end of the day we tried. It’s a 50/50 team filled with old and new players. No need to stress just yet. Just stick to the game plan and try again.

Bad luck fellas. Next week is a new week.


Final Score: Barnstoneworth D North 0 – 6 Killarney

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