Barnstoneworth B South vs East Gosford Report

A Wednesday night replay of our round 17 match against East Gosford resulting in a 0-2 loss (our first since round 5) which effectively ends our chance of a top 2 finish.

This was a weird one…

We received a text on Monday from the opposition captain who was struggling with numbers and looking to have the game moved again. We had 15 available and keen as!! (Game days obviously very different to Wednesday training!!). No thanks East Gosford – game on!

We had beaten them comfortably a few times last year and also this season in round 3. We know them pretty well – a couple of our boys are friends with one or two of them (hence the text message) and while we were not taking them lightly, recent results and their position on the ladder suggested this one shouldn’t have been our toughest game of the year.

Something had changed??

Pretty much from the kick off the side we were playing were comfortably the best side we have faced this year – including The Entrance. Not only that, I recognised 4, maybe 5 max, from previous meetings and most of the others I have seen being asked for ID while trying to buy bottles of “passion pop” at the Elanora.

Nobody likes losing. I f@$&ing hate it!!! But I like to think I’m reasonably “ok” with it & at it. Being a Mariners and Parramatta fan means I’m very used to it. This one just smelt funny – much like their LYNKS deodorant. There’s a reason every comp has rules from Olympic Games to 35B’s. Not cool East Gosford!! We understand you wanted a run and the result doesn’t matter to you with the finals well out of reach. But we had worked bloody hard to put ourselves in the position to finish top 2 and it mattered to us.

Our footy wasn’t great, but it wasn’t all terrible either and in the end it was simply one mistake in each half that made the difference. Sheeks never stopped, Dan and Glen worked hard at the back and Reido saved another penalty. We shook hands at the end and I made a point of saying “see you Saturday” to every opposition player. “You won’t see me”, “nah – I think you guys will get your revenge” and “Ummmm…. I think I’m rostered on to work” were just a few of the responses. All makes for an interesting Saturday at Hylton Moore…

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