M45 vs Woy Woy

4 nil loss away

The common theme to our year seems to continue. Good start by us. Competitive fair play. Good build up play, and potential goals only to be spoilt by a goal to the opposition. This then tends to trigger an acceptance of another loss which then brings out the worst in our play. Panic, easy loss of possession, careless challenges, lack of talking and general poor teamwork needs to be addressed.

However 4 brilliant goals taken by them would be hard to defend against by any team.
On a personal note(Tony), a black eye(accidental kick in the face), a cork to the lower back, a yellow card and verbal slanging from the opposition wasn’t quite the welcome back from injury I was expecting.
Still these things happen in contact sport, so no complaints by me. Congratulations to Dave Stafani for consecutive best players choice. Second players choice was shared by a couple of players, so well done to them.

Thanks to Mark Leadbeatter and Gary Benterman from the C’s for their input in the game and advice.

Its good to see social events being organised in the near future. Even though we aren’t winning it still makes for an enjoyable experience playing for Barnstoneworth 45’s.

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