Barnstoneworth O45DS vs Avoca – Match Report

A good contest with Avoca on a nice dry pitch despite rain. First blood by us but counteracted by an equaliser which Andrew almost saved. We were not going to take this lying down so a few minutes later our tall Scottish striker received the ball at his feet, pirouetted and scored a cracker under the bar. Unfortunately before half time Avoca we’re awarded a penalty which Andrew nearly got a touch to.

Half time talk was positive and we all believed we were the better team. Interestingly we talked about shutting down their key player but he left at half time spitting the dummy about something. Not sure what was going on there. More interestingly was for the first 10mins we were under the pump from an Avoca onslaught but after weathering that storm we got back into rhythm and started to carve them up.

Dougie and Scott started to strut their stuff and poured on 3 goals (one a penalty as Scott went left then right then wide then left trying to confound the keeper eventually being fouled as their defenders came back to stop a likely goal).

Man of the match was shared between Scott Brammall and Graham Champion who pulled off some great saves in the second half to keep us in the match.

Thanks to our back up players Graham, Jon and Doug

Final score 5-2
Goals: Scott Brammall (3), Mick McMahon (1), Dougie White (1)

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