Match Report for Barnstoneworth D South vs Avoca

It was a glorious day for a lunchtime match at Erina’s centre of academia versus the dreaded Avoca. They rocked up seemingly fitter and younger than last year, whilst we rocked up in Brown’s Cow’s fashion and with some trepidation as our talisman, big Dave, was out following an injury he received whilst playing for the Kings.

We’re away, and within seconds they played keepings off for quite some time but as though we’d received an sms from Mark Gasnier we duly fired up. Birthday Boy JB led us in this regard knocking blokes over left, right and centre, later to receive a birthday yellow card for “excessive force.” He was backed up by Luke who played with poise and strength, Adam the master of puppets organising his motley crew, Oscar who seems to have found a new leg this season, and Nigel who was forceful both physically and verbally. Chris meanwhile decided to play up a weight division and despite being sandwiched by two opponents, managed to leave one of them on the ground in agony to which Chris replied by laughing, to which the Ref replied by giving Chris a talking to. Eventually, Pez got a good ball, was able to keep it from Tom and scored the opener. 1-0, 40 minutes to go.

Inevitably, the second half saw us get the collywobbles and the other mob get increasingly physical. Sensing our speed up front to be dangerous they began to take our blokes out off the ball. First Ramin, who was having a blinder carving up the right side, then Brett, having a blinder on every side who was left prone on the ground, and then our strikers. This resulted in a Lynch mob, well Tom and Andy, wanting to do some damage and Bec, trying to stop them.

Chicken Little had other ideas and following a first half dribble-a-thon that resulted in him overstepping the ball and back heeling it out, decided he was at Royal Troon and took a divot that will require him to bring a sand bucket next game. Avoca then started taking some long range shots, Simon got busy doing some miracle saves but alas they scored an absolute cracker. Then another and it was 2-1. Shortly thereafter Pez received what I like to call a pass, weaved in and around their tiring defenders and scored a beauty. 2-2. Not long later and it finally happened. We received a spot kick. Were we finally going to beat Avoca? Nope. Pez confidently kicked it to the keeper, they took the ball upfield , took Simon out and scored. Disallowed, excessive force perhaps! 2-2 final result and I suspect the first report concocted whilst receiving stitches on the surgeons table. I hope their no 11’s elbow is alright.

Final Score: Avoca 2 – 2 Barnstoneworth D South

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