Kincumber vs BUFC D South Match Report

Having played a half for the over-45Bs at East Gosford, your correspondent missed the first half of this game, but the score on his arrival was nil-all and the banter on the sideline was all about missed goal opportunities, at least a dozen of them apparently. Fortunately, the second half proved a little more exciting.

Barnstoneworth started strongly from the kick-off, and within a few minutes, Peter ‘Pez’ Miller landed one in the corner of the net to much rejoicing. Perhaps it was over-confidence, but at that point, the Barnstoneworth game started to lose its shape, and Kincumber came back hard down the right wing. Simon Ashley-Binge fended away a shot for goal, but with the resulting corner kick, the Kincumber striker got his forehead onto a beautifully-lofted ball and levelled the score.

Barnstoneworth attacked down the left, but when a Kincumber defender tripped him, winger Steve Head was overcome by the red mist and was red-carded for not quite throwing a punch. Down to ten men, Barnestoneworth were pushed in defence, and Kincumber struck again soon after.

With fifteen to go, Ryan Bush led the charge down the right wing and put the ball square at the feet of Pez Miller just metres out for the goal. He shot … and missed the left post by a good metre. Minutes later though, he made good with a penalty shot and it was locked up at two-all.

Taking the kick-off, Ben Johnson had clearly been practicing his meditative visualisation techniques, and sent the ball soaring over the heads of the Kincumber team straight at the goalmouth. Time seemed to stand still as the ball drifted down towards the sure hands of the goalie, who clutched at it, fumbled and let it dribble out of his hands over his head and into the goal.

Unbelieving players and spectators gawped in amazement, and three minutes later the ref blew the final whistle, giving Barnstoneworth a lucky and very welcome win.

Final score 3-2 Barnestoneworth.

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