BUFC D South vs Woy Woy Match Report

Having discovered only a few weeks before the start of the season that they’d been promoted to D-grade, the Fs of 2015, most of whom were soccer virgins only a year before, had been training hard. Just as well, because Saturday dawned hot and cloudless, with the temperature hovering around 30-degrees.

Barnstoneworth came out fast, and striker Adam Chandler landed the first goal just a few minutes into the game, taking a long pass and swirling in the from the right wing to plant it in the corner of the net.

After ten minutes of sustained pressure from Barnstoneworth with no further result, including two penalties that hit the defenders’ wall, Woy Woy’s centres stole the ball and their striker managed to sneek one past Simon Ashley-Binge, who was forced to charge out to defend his goal.

Minutes later, Adam Chandler had another opportunity from a corner, but it hit the side of the post and hit the outside of the net, accompanied by much groaning. From the kick out, Tom Lynch, a welcome addition to the centres, took a long shot that flew inches over the crossbar.

Woy Woy started hitting it up the sidelines, and despite Chris Peers chasing like a man possessed and putting in some solid tackles, Woy Woy took advantage of Barnstoneworth’s backs being momentarily too far forward and, with 5 minutes to go, scored again.

Barnstoneworth came back hard and a centre pass from Tom Lynch to Adam Chandler saw the ball narrowly saved by a very solid Woy Woy goalie, whose ball returns nearly went into orbit.

With two minutes to go in the half, and everyone red-faced and unable even to speak from thirst, Woy Woy put in a long kick that found their forward unmarked and slammed in a third goal.

The second half was a different game. Barnstoneworth’s defence stiffened noticeably, with Trevor Husk putting in some solid tackles. A superb piece of co-ordination saw Brett Fenton move a sideline pass from Steve Head up to Adam Chandler, whose cross to Brendan McCarthy just inches from the goal-mouth was pure poetry. Unfortunately, Macca overran it and was heard cursing himself audibly as he ran back.

Down the other end, under a sustained assault from some fast Woy Woy forwards, Simon Ashley-Binge saved a certain goal and sent the ball back to Steve Head on the wing, who passed to Adam Chandler: Shot! Crossbar! Moans from the sideline.

Woy Woy then scored an easy goal, after some confusion between the Barnstoneworth backs chasing down a long kick found three players in a heap outside an open goal. Down 4-1, Barnstoneworth rallied after a drinks break, and the last 20 minutes was all Barnstoneworth. Taking a penalty right in front, Ben Johnson took so long to kick, it looked like he was setting up a kicking tee for a conversion. Sure enough, it sailed about twenty metres above the crossbar.

Minutes later, a beautifully placed throw-in from Justin O’Malley Jones put Adam Chandler into space and GOAL! With the score at 4-2 and five to go, Barnstoneworth had three more shots at goal, all of which either sailed over, hit the crossbar or were intercepted by the goalie.

Taking into account the step up two grades, the intense heat and being down two fullbacks (one injured, one lost in the desert somewhere), Barnstoneworth had every reason to be pleased with their performance, despite the final score.

Final result: BUFC D 2 – Woy Woy 4

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