Barnstoneworth D South vs Kariong Match Report

On a heavy Duffy’s pitch, Barnstoneworth came out hard against Kariong from the start, winning the ball in the middle and putting a lot of pressure on their defence. Upfront Tom and Brett had so many shots at goal we lost count, and eventually one of Tom’s made it through.

Kariong had some fast runners up the front and they made several attacks, but Luke and Chris in the rear kept the ball mostly out of danger and Simon had a relatively quiet half in goals.

With five to go in the half, Tom took a pass from Ramin in the corner and came at the goalmouth with a will, putting it from about a metre out and bringing the score up to 2-0.
In the half-time break, Will harangued the team about the need to avoid our usual second-half malaise and stay switched on. This led to some wry comments as we ran back out, but it seemed to do the trick, and although Kariong came back hard, they struggled in the centre, where Darryl, Trev and Ryan were challenging for the ball.

Adam had some fun up the front, with ample support from Jason, back from his German beer tour, but neither were able to put the ball into the net, and the team had to be satisfied with Tom’s two goals in the first half.

On one of Kariong’s most threatening attacks, Will narrowly avoided giving away a free kick after ‘accidentally’ tripping the Kariong striker just outside the box, the referee ruling that the Kariong player had already passed the ball, and, despite some solid attacks down the flanks, Kariong were kept scoreless, which was a first for the season for Barnstoneworth.

It was a jubilant team that gathered on the sideline to watch the 45Cs game, in which one Kariong player felt the need to wear headgear. We can only assume he’d had some work-related concussion injury and was just being careful, but the temptation to offer him a mouthguard as well was pretty strong.

Final result: 2-0 to Barnstoneworth.

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