Barnstoneworth D South vs East Gosford Report

After being rained off several weeks before, the match against East Gosford became D-grade’s final game for the season, having finished fifth in the competition.

As the team had been formed only the year before to play in F-grade, and was composed largely of non-soccer players, this was considered no mean achievement, and, but for a lapse of defensive judgement that let in three goals in the game against Mountains, the team would most likely have been in fourth place. But, there’s always next season.

So, with nothing on the line, Barnstoneworth ran out against East Gosford in what should have been a home game at Terry Oval, if that oval had a drain worthy of the name.

It soon became apparent that the teams were fairly evenly-matched. What East Gosford lacked in pace they made up for with an accurate passing game; what Barnstoneworth lacked in skill they made up for with tenacity, and the ball changed hands continuously for twenty minutes with no clear result.

By the time the centres were blowing hard, an interchange between Tek Tea, Chris Peers and Tom Lynch created a gap in the centre that saw the ball passed through to Brendan McCarthy. He put a deft cross-kick to Ben Johnson on the far side of the goal, and, as the ball passed behind him, Johnson threw out a reverse left boot and scooped the ball into the net to howls of approval from the sideline.

East Gosford responded with some rapid attacks down the wings that had the Barnstoneworth fullbacks scrambling, and saw Adam Chandler and Jason Bush repeatedly clearing under pressure. Playing on the left wing, Antony Broadbere used these return kicks to make half a dozen penetrations into the East Gosford red zone, but he couldn’t get past their right back, who caused him significant frustration, eliciting an exasperated “F..K!!” the third time he stole the ball.

Playing at sweeper in his first game, Paul Shaw put in some solid tackles before limping off with a groin injury that anchored him on the sideline, clutching his nether regions painfully. East Gosford managed to get into the gap thus created, and levelled the scores with a few minutes to half-time.

The second stanza saw some resolute offensive action from East Gosford, and the Barnstoneworth defence were hard pressed on numerous occasions. Playing at forward for the first time since game one season one, Will Belford found himself in space with the ball at this feet and only the goalie to beat. To cries of ‘Take the shot’ from Justin and Steve on the sideline, he amply demonstrated from twenty feet out why he usually plays in the backs.

Shortly after, a Barnstoneworth corner kick lofted over the goalmouth, missing Ryan Bush’s head by millimetres, despite his best effort to flick it in (an inch or so more hair would have done the job), bounced off a defender’s head and went in.

At this stage, East Gosford started to get a bit shitty. Finally getting a run, Simon Ashley-Binge copped a knock to the face that re-arranged his nose and left him with a shiner, yet the slightest hint of physical contact in return led to cries from East Gosford of “I’ve got to go to work on Monday” and “Ref, he touched me!”. The number 14 in particular needed to drink a cup of concrete, which would have had the dual benefit of toughening him up and shutting his mouth. Next year we’ll bring a dummy for him.

And so endeth Season Two. Finals in Season Three boys.

Final Score: Barnstoneworth 2 – East Gosford 1

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