35D’s vs Avoca

An incredible three goal first half performance from the 35D’s, set up a magnificent 3-2 win over Avoca on Saturday. It was football at his purest and brilliant best as the boys totally dominated play to the point that they could have easily scored another 3 in the first half alone. Man of the Match Hutch, was everywhere and involved in all 3 goals to further strengthen his claim for a permanent starting spot on the left wing (something Andy Stuart revealed he too is concerned about as he recovers from surgery).

For a moment there on Saturday, the crowd must have thought they were witnessing the second coming as Hutch mesmerised opposition with his footwork, bamboozled his markers with sheer turn of pace and gifted his team mates with offerings (such as the couple of golden passes to Dennis which he chose to miss to ensure a thrilling finale).

Terrigal’s first goal came as a result of a superb effort by Hutch to pressure the Avoca defence and force the error in conceding a corner. A quiet word from Hutch to kick taker Dennis, gave him instructions to just go for goal and Dennis did not let him down. The kick, exactly as Hutch had advised Dennis, curled from right to left and into the top right corner of the goal for what will surely be one of the top contenders for goal of the season.

Terrigal were utterly controlling all play with their defence seemingly like a brick wall in not letting anything through. The engine room of Bill and Dennis in midfield controlled play beautifully as usual, feeding the wings of Dell and Hutch, along with tireless forwards Ed and Frank. The pressure Terrigal was applying was intense and were rewarded with their second goal in the 13th minute. Not surprisingly it was Hutch involved in the lead up. Hutch received the ball from Jess and then passed to Dennis, then onto Bill, then back to Dennis, then onto Ed, then onto Frank, then back to Ed, who passed it back to Frank and then back to Ed and then it fell it was Dell who swooped to fire in a superb strike. If not for that pass 10 moves earlier by Man of the Match Hutch, the goal would not have happened and all players rushed to lavish praise on the left winger. It was a beautiful goal for Dell and one in which he will surely remember in many years to come when retirement comes knocking.

On the 31st minute, Terrigal struck again through enigmatic striker Ed. After another brilliant pass from Jess, Hutch received the ball near the half way line. Hutch tore pass his marker, then in between 16 or 17 other defenders before curling a superb pass across to Bill’s feet. Although Bill could have scored, Bill chose the unselfish option of passing onto Dell on the right wing. Dell beat one defender before passing off to Ed who turned and fired a shot at the hapless Avoca keeper. The ball initially appeared saved as it sunk into the keepers belly, before springing back out and reappearing on the ground for Ed to finish the honours by tapping in the simplest of goals. Right spot, right time, right amount or persistence, right amount of skill from Ed – while again not forgetting the brilliant lead up work by Hutch.

The second half re-shuffles in positions seemed to throw the boys off, with Avoca sinking 2 goals in the last 15 minutes of the game. Then will less than a minute remaining, a free kick was awarded to Avoca in the middle of the field a metre outside the edge of the box. Although memories of the last minute goal (you remember Shaun don’t you?!?!) resulting in a 3-all draw at Terrigal were coming back into the boys minds, this time there was a difference – Superstar goalkeeper Cam who pulled off the most BRILLIANT of saves in diving high and slightly to his left to get a touch on the ball and deflect the bullet like effort over the top of the bar. It was a match saver by Cam with full time being blown as soon as the kick out reached the half way line.

Overall, the first half was the best football played during the year and certainly appears the boys are gelling together just in time for the finals home to defend their championship!! Come on!!!

PS By the way if I didn’t mention it earlier, and if you hadn’t guessed already, Man of the Match was Hutch 😉

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