Barnstoneworth C vs Kariong Report

Field of Dreams

Marcus Aurelius - BarnstoneworthHow you regard Saturday’s game against Kariong depends very much on which of the following philosophical standpoints most coincides with your world view :

‘Man that is born of woman hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery’

‘It’s not a matter of life and death, it’s much more serious than that’ (Bill Shankly)

‘Wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance’ (Marcus Aurelius)

‘When the entropic heat death of the Universe arrives in 10^103 years, everybody will be too preoccupied to give a shit about the result of an over 35C soccer match between two long forgotten clubs on the eastern coast of a lifeless scorched landmass in what used to be an ocean.’ (me)

Having said that, there were some aspects of the game that are worthy of comment – I’m thinking mainly of Beni smacking his head on the goalpost, another priceless Beni moment. What is it with him and head injuries? And then there’s the referee, who seemed intent on making a name for himself by stamping his version of authority on the game; this mainly consisted of him awarding foul throws on often flimsy and frequently entirely absent evidence. He even gave one against Ray Burns – this is a man who was a qualified ref himself before our ref could even tie his own shoes! The only consolation was he shared out his questionable decisions between the two sides.

Other than that, we all ran about a bit, but not that much ; we kicked the ball about a few times, sometimes where we wanted it to go but more often off in some other random direction ; and we failed to both score and stop the other team from scoring. Tim tried to organise us, but like a bunch of over-stimulated toddlers on a windy day I’m not sure we were really taking it in – apart from Dave S who put a shift in at left back to earn a justified MoM.

So where does that leave us? I’ll tell you where it leaves us.

It leaves us standing shattered in a thin grey drizzle on the field of broken dreams that is Terry Oval.

But somewhere, the clouds are clearing and a new sun is rising, and with it will rise our indomitable spirit, forged in defeat but tempered in the flames of passion for our club and for our sport, and we will pick ourselves up, and we will put on our legendary shirts again, and we will take the field again, undaunted and unafraid and ready to face whatever challenges the Football Gods see fit to throw at us.


Final Score: Barnstoneworth 0 – 2 Kariong


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