Barnstoneworth B South vs Kariong Match Report

A distinct case of deja vu – Playing the same opponent at the same ground for the second week in a row. We had a great early chance when James Mitchell got himself one on one with their keeper who rushed out and knocked him over the fence into the ambulance station. Penalty awarded but how the heck was that only a yellow???? Unfortunately, Jimmy decided not to wait where he landed in the ambo yard – he could’ve caught the ball from the spot kick…

Not taking advantage of our early opportunities seemed to throw our concentration and for the second time in 8 days, we found ourselves 2-0 down after around 30 minutes. Again the result of silly mistakes and bad communication. Wtf??

Raoul got things moving from the kick off immediately following their second goal. Having been spared the embarrassment of the previous week, he decided just to run at them and whack the thing past their keeper – good plan mate!! 2-1 was how it stayed until half time.

Once again the niggle started, they fell in a heap and the second half became a matter of when we would score rather than if. After a number of good chances Leeroy put a corner in exactly the right spot for Raoul to head a bullet into the net for his second.

Despite creating numerous opportunities this was how the scored stayed. Four draws in a row for us now with this one definitely a case of 2 points down the drain. On the positive side, it’s great to see the character displayed in the team coming back from 5 goals down in 2 weeks – let’s hope we don’t need to see it again! 😉 Next up, Umina away.

Result: 2-2
Player of the year: Raoul (2nd: Jules, 3rd: Dan)
Goals: Raoul 2

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