Barnstoneworth B South vs The Entrance Report

Barnstoneworth Old Chaps

Back at the fortress against the runaway leaders of our grade who were yet to register a loss, but coming off their first and only draw of the season.

It didn’t start well. The entrance had all the ball and our guys felt like we had sprinted to their home ground and back by the time 15 minutes was up. Looking back from the last time we played, it was obvious their game was based around a key midfielder and a couple of quality strikers and it was this combination that saw them go 1-0 up, with a nicely hit cross from the left hand side found a bit of space in the box where it was poked into the net. It was a goal I think we would’ve defended had we not felt so exhausted and flustered from their dominance to the opening.

From this point we started to play a bit of footy, calmed down and got the game back to a more even feel. We were holding possession and being more patient with the ball and even found ourselves creating some scoring opportunities. Half time came with the score remaining at 0-1.

The second half started just as the first had ended with a much more even contest which seemed to be getting under the skin of our opposition. Both sides were creating opportunities and their frustration increased as a couple of “more makable” finishing opportunities crashed against our posts and crossbar. (It would’ve been rude for our backline not to remind them of this for the rest of the contest).

The entrance are clearly not used to being challenged and the niggle followed. Their strikers are big, solid guys who play a robust, physical game. Until they cross the 18 yard box….. Then they go down quicker than the economy of a small struggling European country. The worst offender, who ironically decided he was the worthy recipient of the shirt bearing the now famous No 23 – while he certainly lacked the skill and grace of Michael Jordan, the character, dignity and humility of Shane Warne was evident….

The ref wasn’t buying it either. They turned all their attention to niggling, bitching and moaning and what followed for us was a move similar to the one they had scored from, when a Raoul Cross from the left hand wing found some space in front of their keeper. Jules, diving feet first with plenty still to do somehow managed to get enough boot on it to slide the ball just inside the right post – a brilliant finish and a great reward for a guy who was throwing everything he had at the opposition. 1-1.

From there we managed the tempo of the game well and the referee blew full time for a draw that felt a hell of a lot more like a win for us!! Next up: East Gosford away.

Result: 1-1
Player of the Match: Jules (2nd: Sheeks, 3rd: Ant)
Goals: Jules

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