2017 Season Launch Tournament

2017 BUFC Season Launch Tournament winners

The 2017 Season launch (indoor because of the recent monsoonal weather) tournament turned into a successful and enjoyable afternoon.

We had enough players for 4 teams of 7 or 8 (I can’t remember… Maybe it was both?) and the format was 10 min games, full court. The ref stamped his authority early on and probably made history when he brandished a yellow card to a bemused Ade Croucher for moving the traffic cone so he could take a corner. The goals started flying in, mostly down to the use of running goalies which meant a ban on the use of hands, so there were a few fouls and penalties given for hand-ball as nobody was brave enough to save a goal with their plums…

The yellow team went undefeated all tournament to come out deserved winners, so the shiny new trophy went:

  • James Banovich
  • Frank Budde
  • Leigh McInerney
  • Matt Roper
  • Rob Scott
  • Phil Skidmore
  • David Watkiss
  • Bill Yates

Good luck for the coming season everyone, stay injury free and lets win even more titles!

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