BUFC D’s vs Mountains E’s

The opening of the 2010 campaign saw the Good ship Barnstoneworth setting sail for an early morning raid on Mangrove Mountain with a motley crew of scoundrels and vagabonds press ganged from numerous sleazy taverns and places of ill repute around the Central Coast. Rick, Alan, Tony Mick and Nigel were making their Barnstoneworth debuts and were soon involved in early skirmishes as we poured forward with the impressive Alan nicking a poachers goal within a few minutes. It should have been 2 moments later as Nigel broke free with the speed of 1 legged gazelle, aimed then unleashed a rocket towards the corner flag. Apparently he tripped on a divot hence the wandering round the pitch aimlessly stamping on the ground! However amends were soon made as Nigel smashed in a 2nd before Alan turned their defence and lashed in a 25 yarder for 3-0. Class.

Nick Denis and Alan with his 3rd made it 6-0 before Mr Tarditi went on a 40 yard run, swerving past 4 defenders and unleashing a ferocious shot at an open goal from 5 yards which hit the post. Apparently it was closer to 200 yards, he went round their whole team twice and someone moved the post but very entertaining and as he managed a slightly less glorious tap in a minute later for 7-0 all was well.

With the rain now teaming down the ref blew early and that was that, beer time. Great hosts, a good workout, some decent football, good debuts and encouraging signs for the new season. Roll on the next game!

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