For the first time the award for Barnstoneworth Clubman of the year will be decided by all members of the club… or at least those who decide to vote!

  • The Coaches, Managers and Committee members were asked to nominate candidates for the award along with a reason why.
  • Based on the number of nominations the top 4 candidates were shortlisted and are listed below along with the reasons given for their nomination.

Please take a few minutes to read the nominations and email your vote to our club Secretary, Michael Hamill

The deadline for voting is 12pm Monday 16th September.
The winner will be announced at the presentation night on 21st September.


Ken Baker
“A family man and a great club man who never puts himself first and has no hidden agendas. He left his role as the 35A manager (a position he enjoyed) to help the 35Bs who were in greater need, to fill their roster and play as their keeper. He was always willing to help out the 45s teams often playing multiple games on a Saturday. He always attends trips away and never complains. A nice guy who always has a smile on his big round face!!”
Graeme Johnston
“I nominate Graeme due to the newsletter which I find informative and funny plus its an excellent way of promoting the Barnstoneworth brand and club unity. Its also a great platform for our sponsors, the success of which we all benefit from via our team kits and match balls (etc). I am fully aware how much effort this must take to coordinate amongst 8 teams and appreciate the camaraderie this brings to the club/players. A great effort and much appreciated”
Michael Reinhard
“I nominate Michael purely based on his commitment and loyalty to the club. He is the first person to put his hand up if anyone needs assistance and will always offer to help any of us. Michael works tirelessly to support all the teams by either arranging banners or coming along to support from the sidelines and he is the first person at the ground for every home game. He also steps into ref games, even though he might be tired from his own game and always puts others first. He attends every finals games as a club representative and on top of that he is a genuinely nice bloke! A great guy and example of our Barnstoneworth values!”
Tim Watt
“Tim has gone above and beyond his role as President and he has put in an incredible amount of work. In my opinion Clubman of the Year should be a person who has had a positive and selfless impact on the club as a whole, and considering the new direction the club has taken this past year towards a standalone overage club, which I imagine has taken quite a bit of organization and effort by the whole of the Committee which most of the members would not be aware of, and I congratulate the whole of the Committee for the success it has become. Every Committee has to have a leader and a driving force and I feel that Tim Watt has done that job superbly, also Tim has been working towards a new culture at the Club regarding transparency and fair play for all.”

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